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Welcome Newcomers

S.L.A.A. is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program patterned on the model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. We gather in small and large meetings to support each other and share our experience, strength and hope, especially for newcomers.

A fuller description of the program can be viewed by reading the S.L.A.A. Preamble, which is read at every meeting and constitutes the fullest and broadest statement of purpose and the tools we use in the program.

Suggestions for New Members

In S.L.A.A.’s experience, the people who recover from sex and love addiction are those who:

  • Define their bottom-line and addictive behavior. They start now and add to it later if necessary. This is their sobriety definition.
  • Don’t act out — just for today, this hour, this moment, no matter what. It will pass.
  • Attend S.L.A.A. meetings regularly. Other meetings of 12 Step-oriented fellowships may also be helpful.
  • Join or start a S.L.A.A. group.
  • Get active in an S.L.A.A. group and in S.L.A.A as a whole.
  • Seek out people in S.L.A.A. who have successfully stayed sober for some time and establish relationships with these individuals based on the mutual sharing of experience, strength, and hope.
  • Get a sponsor or talk to an S.L.A.A. person on a frequent basis during the withdrawal period.
  • Ask for help from a Power greater than ourselves on a daily basis, regardless of belief or disbelief.
    1. Set aside a time of prayer each morning, saying, “Help me to stay away from ______ just for today.”
    2. Set aside a time for prayer each night, expressing gratitude for the help received that day.