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NEI Service Positions

Group Representatives and Alternate Group Representatives

Groups within the NEI service area of Eastern MA and Rhode Island are encouraged to elect Group Representatives (GR) and Alternate Group Representatives (AR) for each of their meetings. An Intergroup representative attends the monthly Intergroup meetings, acts to represent the interests of their local group, brings Intergroup information back to their local group and keeps group members informed about Intergroup events and announcements. The representative brings their group’s conscience and represents the group in matters affecting them and S.L.A.A.

NEI suggests that all Intergroup Representatives (GRs and ARs) have at least three months of continuous sobriety in S.L.A.A. Groups without members willing to serve that have at least three months of continuous sobriety in S.L.A.A. may choose to elect a provisional representative to serve on behalf of the GR and AR. Provisional GRs and ARs become voting GRs and ARs once they have obtained the required sobriety. NEI suggests that each GR and AR has three months of concurrent affiliation with the group the delegate wishes to represent. In the case of a meeting younger than three months, the concurrent affiliation requirement shall be waived.

Representatives are elected by their meetings at business meetings. Many meetings have regularly scheduled business meetings to discuss various topics. Others call special business meetings for this purpose.

NEI Officer Positions

In addition to group representatives and alternate group representatives, there are eleven elected officer positions of NEI. As of March 2016 all officer positions have been filled with the exception of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Web Site Coordinator. Open positions are being filled for the remainder of the 1-year term through January 2017 (please see sobriety requirements below).

NEI Officers should possess the qualities necessary to carry out the responsibilities of their positions -good judgment, experience, stability, willingness, and faithful adherence to the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of S.L.A.A – as well as any special skills that may be required to execute the particular office one holds.

The following is a list of current NEI Officer and Intergroup Committee positions along with any minimum sobriety requirements. Please refer to the NEI Bylaws for more details.

Intergroup Officers

Position: Continuous Sobriety Requirement?
Chairperson 1 year
Vice Chairperson 1 year
Treasurer 1 year
Corresponding Secretary 1 year
Telephone Coordinator 6 months
Web Site Coordinator 6 months
Activities Committee Chair none
Literature Secretary none
Newsletter Editor none
Outreach Chairperson none
Recording Secretary none

Intergroup Committee and Other Positions

Position: Continuous Sobriety Requirement?
Web Site Email Responders 3 months
Telephone Responders 3 months
Activities Committee Members none
Meeting List Coordinator none