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Some S.L.A.A. Tools

Some members share their ideas about tools which help them stay sober in the program. Below are 100 Tools. This is not S.L.A.A. conference approved literature.

1. Stay away from slippery places.

2. Use the 24-hour plan.

3. Remember that sex and love addiction is an incurable, progressive, fatal disease.

4. Live and let live.

5. Get active.

6. Use the Serenity Prayer.

7. Change old routines.

8. Make use of “telephone therapy”.

9. Add to your bottom line.

10. Find a sponsor.

11. Do first things first.

12. Get plenty of rest.

13. Fend off loneliness.

14. Watch out for resentments.

15. Be good to yourself.

16. Look out for over-elation.

17. Easy does it.

18. Be grateful.

19. Remember your last slip.

20. Avoid all chemical mood changers.

21. Eliminate self-pity.

22. Seek professional help.

23. Steer clear of emotional entanglements.

24. Get out of the “if” trap. (What if……, If only)

25. Be wary of drinking occasions.

26. Let go of old ideas.

27. Read the S.L.A.A. message.

28. Go to S.L.A.A meetings.

29. Try the Twelve Steps.

30. Find your own way.

31. Replace old habits with new, sober habits.

32. Keep an open mind.

33. Use your common sense.

34. Live in the now.

35. Avoid major decisions in early sobriety.

36. Try not to test your willpower.

37. Try to do a good mental house-cleaning.

38. Salute the daily progress you make.

39. Cherish your recovery.

40. Develop the habit of gratitude.

41. Suspend judgment of yourself and others.

42. Look at your whole acting out record. 43. Share your happiness. 44. Avoid nostalgic sadness.

45. Remember that sex and love addiction is cunning and baffling.

46. Accept responsibility for your actions.

47. Stay sober for yourself.

48. Try not to place conditions on your sobriety.

49. Respect the anonymity of others.

50. When all else fails, follow directions.

51. Try to heal yourself by helping others.

52. Share your experience, strength and hope.

53. Find the courage to change yourself.

54. Find the serenity to accept others.

55. Try to turn your life and will over to a higher power.

56. Be willing.

57. Come with me to a meeting.

58. Admit you are powerless over sex and love addiction.

59. Come to believe in a power greater than yourself.

60. Take a searching and fearless inventory.

61. Share your inventory with someone else.

62. Make a list of those you have harmed.

63. Make amends to them when possible.

64. Continue to take personal inventory.

65. Promptly admit when you are wrong.

66. Make regular use of prayer.

67. Meditate.

68. Seek God’s will for you, and the power to carry it out.

69. Practice these principles in all areas of your life.

70. Laugh.

71. Avoid getting too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT).

72. Listen.

73. Share your pain.

74. Choose positive thinking.

75. Be available for service.

76. Look for similarities rather than differences.

77. Beware of phony pride.

78. Try to replace guilt with gratitude.

79. Avoid self-righteousness.

80. Practice rigorous honesty.

81. Keep it simple.

82. Try to become a part of the world you have rejected.

83. Watch out for complacency.

84. Maintain a spiritual condition. (Thy will be done)

85. Carry the message of S.L.A.A.

86. Have faith.

87. Count your blessings.

88. Try not to dwell on the faults of others.

89. Accept life as it comes.

90. Admit and correct your errors today.

91. Believe that you are not alone.

92. Avoid using the truth to injure others.

93. When you are shaky work with another sex and love addict.

94. Avoid gossip.

95. Work to eliminate self-deception.

96. See adversity as an opportunity.

97. Develop self-restraint.

98. Don’t fear needed change.

99. Let go and let God.

100. Take life a day, even a minute, at a time.