Call Us: (617) 625-7961


You can now more easily contribute to the New England Intergroup. You can setup contributions to be submitted monthly, and you can also contribute anonymously.

What do these contributions go towards:

  • Provides 24-hour voice mail service (617-625-7961) for newcomers & fellow members visiting from out-of-town
  • Receives, arranges & follows-up on 12-Step calls
  • Answers newcomer inquiries about S.L.A.A.
  • Maintains/publishes quarterly mtg. lists
  • Organizes and hosts Annual Spring and Fall Recovery Gatherings
  • Plans & facilitates 12-step retreat weekends in Chester, Vermont and Attleboro, Massachusetts
  • Provides a monthly newsletter
  • Organizes and promotes fellowship within the local S.L.A.A. community through various activities
  • Maintains NEI’s Website
  • Coordinates outreach activities
  • Orders, and sells S.L.A.A. Conference-approved literature to groups
  • Elects and supports delegates to represent NEI at Annual Business Conference/Meeting of S.L.A.A. at the International Level