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Annual Business Meetings


info for 2019 Annual Business Meeting here.


The 2018 S.L.A.A. Annual Business Meeting (ABM) took place in San Antonio, TX from July 31, 2018 through August 3, 2018.  Each year at the ABM, the S.L.A.A. Fellowship holds a business meeting to review finances, to elect the Board of Trustees, and to discuss and vote on new literature, bylaws, and other items.

Bring Your Group’s Vote on ABM Discussion Items and Motions to NEI’s July 8, 2018 Meeting 
At New England Intergroup’s July 8th, meeting, Intergroup will discuss items currently due to be discussed at the July/Aug. 2018 ABM in San Antonio.  The ABM Agenda Items discussion will take place from 4:00-5:30PM (prior to regular NEI meeting from 5:30-7:00PM).  To review an overview of items on the BMIS, click ABM Motions and Items for Discussion flyer for more information.

Be sure to vote about each item at your group’s business meeting, and send your group representative and/or alternative group representative to the July 9th NEI meeting to share your group’s conscience. To view the full Business Meeting Item Summary (BMIS), a summary of Motions and Items for Discussion, navigate to Fellowship Wide Services ABM page web site and on right side click on Agenda 3rd Version